'Property going zero carbon - the Impact'

Presentation Highlights

Savills Residential Research London presented by Katy warrick

They showed first-hand how consumer sentiment has been shifting. Consumers not only demand, but also said they would pay more for high energy performance buildings and pay less for under-performing buildings (see right). The ‘green price-premium’ still would need to be confirmed by more market evidence. However, the panel agreed that a ‘brown discount’ for under-performing buildings would be likely already. 

Savills summarized, that times are changing and green will start to pay. It will be interesting to watch how much. Alan Forgaty of Cundall said that in the past year he heard more about this than in the last 20 years. We agree with this.

There is also a shift in qualitative responses. Garden spaces and energy efficiency moved highest on the list. Two years ago in Germany only approx. 10% would have said so.

EPC ratings show the energy a building is projected to use for heating, cooling and warm water.

Green-Tower Passive Houses range in the highest band A. The average new building sit approximately in band D. Old building stock sits in F/G and might become undervalued if not refurbished.

Cundall talking about carbon offsetting

Alan Forgaty, Partner at Cundall, explains how important it is to avoid energy consumption rather than trying to offset it. Most carbon offset projects would not work. Therefore the panel agreed that it is more important to reduce energy consumption than trying to ofsett them. Passive Houses set the standard for saving ernergy and carbon.