The Project

We Have One Goal

To Provide The Highest Quality
Iconic and green residential high rises

The architect's Vision

Green-Tower sustainable high-rise GmbH of Frankfurt presents a new paradigm in residential tower living- an environmentally intelligent, vertical garden lifestyle experience is born.

Aesthetic design innovation. Green Tower Frankfurt presents a contemporary apartment layout design that emphasizes modern lifestyle amenities, visual excitement and program efficiency. Typical apartments feature a spatially open living/dining/kitchen floor plan that forms the center of family and entertainment tower-living experience; each with stunning views thru top to bottom glass facades overlooking the city below. Continuous, wrap-around, four-sided planted garden terraces provide indoor/outdoor multipurpose living-spaces that connect the occupant with nature, climate and place; further enhancing a socially active, vertical garden lifestyle. A rigorous optimization of core and structure develops a compact, highly efficient interior floor plan that compliments the wrap-around exterior garden terraces.

Marketing & Finance Opportunities. The extensive iconic high-rise design, development and execution experience of the Green-Tower Team ensures that high-end performance can, despite its many innovative features, be positioned safely at ‘value for money’ prices in the market, thru a disciplined use of repetitive building systems and components. Green Towers delivers highest net-to-gross area efficiency. 

A Vertical Village is thus created, providing barrier-free indoor/outdoor access throughout the tower, protected from inclement weather, providing the occupants with all one’s necessary daily needs on premise. Meeting, event and multi-purpose amenity spaces, fitness, and an inviting plaza level restaurant will connect the Green Tower occupants to the neighborhood, as well as bespoke retail opportunities. A full complement of concierge services and security will be provided within the tower. Smart transport and delivery services will also be envisioned. All amenities will be adapted bespoke to market and location.

A Comprehensive Garden Façade. Green Towers will provide a unique and spectacular vertical garden expression to the surrounding city, enriching the neighborhood experience and establishing a new exciting living destination. Extensive, terrace-integrated tower plantings of Forsythia, Blue Rain and Wild Wine, will provide stunning seasonal colors by day and extraordinary, illuminated gardens by night. Dense vertical ivy facade planting, integrated with north-facing apartments, intend to foster a natural bird habitat and Vertical Forest.

Technological design innovation. Green Towers, using Passivhaus principles, emphasizes thermal occupant comfort that eliminates traditional all-glass building failures of thermal shock, air infiltration and thermal bridging. Conversely, Green Towers employs applications of advanced glazing design and extensive interior to exterior material separation, offering the occupant complete comfort at 10% of the annual heating energy costs of the average, existing building stock. Almost counter-intuitively, the ultra-insulated exterior glass envelope will feel comfortably warm in winter and well shaded in summer. Improved interior sound protection design will ensure higher apartment to apartment privacy. Green Tower Quality means the building and its components will be tested and commissioned by the strict criteria of the Passive House Institute. 

Environmental Leadership. Worldwide, we are the first to achieve the rigorous Passive House ‘Classic’ and ‘Plus’ standard in residential high-rise design since 2017. Passive House is the leading global energy-conservation, performance, comfort and quality based standard. Green Towers comprises a four-sided full vision glass façade that will harvest as much solar energy in winter as it expels. In summer, intelligent shading systems reduce mechanical cooling needs to a minimum. Green Towers filters outside air for clean and allergy free occupant comfort, permitting closed windows to keep exterior noise out. Equally, it continuously removes contaminated air from the inside.

The architect's Model

Todd Halamka, Chicago